Business Solutions

Cell Phone Analytics

An evidence management tool used by law enforcement worldwide collating data from many electronic devices.

Mobile | Reporting

Course Evaluation System

A system to allow the students at U Penn Wharton to evaluate their courses at the end of the semester and provide feedback to faculty and administrators.

Data Collection | Survey | Web Application

Deb Prom

Demandware platform implementation using an innovative Multi-Tab approach with a unified cart checkout.

Demandware | Mobile

Deb Shops

Brand new site on Demandware platform with seasonal re-design and innovative marketing strategies including cutting edge search functionalities.

Demandware | Mobile | Reporting


A fundraising management system that ensures charities get the donations they earn.

Commerce | Web Application

Industrial Automation

A custom precision industrial solution to automate the manufacturing process

Barcoding | C# | Real-time data | SCARATouch

Kitting Compliance

A custom scanning management solution to ensure 100% compliance on medical brochure printing.

Automation | Barcoding | Compliance | ScanningWorkflow

Lease Co-Tenancy

A lease management system that monitors the tenancy of retail locations and automatically updates when reductions in rent are due to our customer.

Leasing | Retail

Property Maintenance

A maintenance work order managements system that evolved to an entire enterprise management solution.

Leasing | Property Management | Reporting

Enabling Commerce

Amazon MWS

Amazon is well known as one of the largest online retailers in the world. Amazon also functions as a fully independent sales channel for other vendors through their online marketplace that is made available through their Web Services.

Amazon MWS | Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) | Multichannel Sales | OnlineRetail


BloomReach is a Big Data marketing applications provider that exposes high quality content in a well-structured manner, delivering a more relevant experience for consumers while profitably unlocking more opportunity across marketing channels.

Organic Search | Search Suggest | SNAP

Retail Point of Sale

Custom Point of Sale software for a national clothing retailer.

Retail | Storefront

Transit Slot Auction System

A custom auction software system to facilitate selling slots to traverse the Panama Canal.

Auction | eCommerce | Transportation