Strategic & Tactical Planning

Some clients just don't know where to start. Complex processes like ecommerce have a large number of moving parts and come with a variety of options. Our experience can help guide you through the various steps of the planning process. XCENT can provide you with both strategic and tactical planning.

Selecting vendors and partners.

Choosing a vendor, a partner really, to participate in your business process is major decision and will have significant financial impact. XCENT can help identify strengths and weaknesses in a vendor's offerings with respect to your specific needs.

Modeling your business processes.

Defining the business objective is only the tip of the iceberg. You need to know what things need to change and what things can stay the same. How will your employees fit into the new busniess processes? What are the risks of choosing to change business processes.

Doing the right things first.

The best approach to any challenge is to take it on in small increments and deliver functionality quickly so that its impact can be measured and course corrections can be made.

Coordinating the work.

Planning does not stop when the plan is made. Constant review is needed to assure that objectives are being met and that course corrections are made early to prevent unwanted expenses.


XCENT can be of the biggest benefit in the area of execution. Executing a project is often the bulk of the effort in our engagements. Execution takes many forms and XCENT does what it takes to deliver solutions for you.

Integrating vendor platforms and products.

XCENT has worked successfully with a large number of product vendors. This success speaks to our expertise in understing what it takes to configure a product, establish its data feeds, and support the daily use of these vendors' products.

Applying creative design.

If you are creating a public experience, the impressions you make are lasting. The creative process is an iterative one. We understand this and work closely with your own internal staff or outside resources to create the right visual impression.

Developing custom software solutions

At our core is our ability to build out self sustaining software solutions that function as middleware, function augmentation or completely new tools to support unique business strategies.

Reporting & Analytics

Francis Bacon in the 1500's may very well have been predicting our current future in stating "Knowledge is Power." The real commodity of today's successful businesses is not money but rather its data: Metrics, KPIs, P&Ls, Visitors, etc. Businesses need an effective means to collect, store, and report on this data so that quick actions can be taken.

Building your data warehouse

Modern-day business intelligence systems are built around data warehouses. XCENT can help you forge a new data warehouse with specific goals in mind or repurpose an existing data repository to serve as an effective data store.

Calculating meaningful metrics.

XCENT can create automated processes which will generate metrics from your operational data in as real-time as desired.

Creating Reports, Dashboards and Spreadsheets for analysis.

The data, the KPIs, the metrics are useless without an effective means to deliver them promptly to the decision makers in your organization. XCENT can create printed and PDF-based reports for those that are still most comfortable dealing with paper. XCENT can also create custom dashboards viewable on your mobile devices which allow your users to have up-to-the-minute data.

Operational Support

XCENT is a committed partner after initial deployment of any work we do. You can count on us to respond promptly to problems in your operational environment. XCENT can also help you adapt your own internal support structures to better handle problems when they arise.