Lease Co-Tenancy

The client is a publicly traded, discount retailer with hundreds of locations throughout the eastern United States.



Modern City


The challenge for the client, was to manage the complex lease conditions related to co-tenancy. Co-tenancy examines what other stores are open for business in a commercial site such as a mall. The obligated rents are based on negotiated terms driven by the co-tenancy.

The client had already reached 200 stores and saw a looming problem in trying to keep on top of the management of this data and their ability to take advantage of the rental abatements afforded them due to the terms of the lease.


XCENT created a web-based application to manage the data and automate the detection of available rental abatements. The web-based software offers the following:

  • Management of store and site data including all other tenants in the site.
  • Survey feature so that field personnel (district managers) can visit a site and update the status of the tenants at the site.
  • Daily automated process that assesses compliance and emails notifications to personnel of the change in the status of the sites.