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Deb Shops is a national retail chain with over 300 stores specializing in the fast fashion segment.



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In 2005 XCENT was commissioned to build a Point Of Sale platform to address the replacement of an aging DOS-based point of sale system. Embarking on such an ambitious and potentially costly undertaking involves such risk that few are interested in taking on such a challenge.


With the trust of the client, XCENT architected and developed a solution that maintains an extensibility and relevance even today.

DebPOS is a multi-tiered application platform built using .Net Framework and SQL Server designed to run on Windows Embedded and make use of the OPOS standards for POS hardware vendor agnosticism.

Some of the features of DebPOS include:

  • PCI compliance via implementation of policy controls and minimal handling of static and in-transit payment card data.
  • A serverless peer-to-peer fault-tolerant architecture
  • Designed for touch screen use.
  • Extensibility through a plug-in architecture
  • Rules based pricing engine allows for extremely flexible promotions.
  • Automatic exception recovery and diagnostic auditing.
  • Trickle Polling for up to the minute sales data.

Deb and XCENT are looking forward together to evolve this platform to support tablet and other mobile options as well as introduce omni-channel purchasing to link in-store sales with on-line sales.