Industrial Automation and Machine Control

AccuSystems designs and manufactures equipment for the printed circuit board manufacturing industry.



Real-time data
Visual Basic
AS-000 Machine
AS-200 Machine

XCENT has maintained a long term relationship with AccuSystems in providing architecture, and development services for the implementation of the software associated with their machines.

XCENT develops and maintains the SCADA and HMI software for their PCB scoring machines. These machines use specialty grinding wheels to score printed circuit boards at high rates of speed as an alternative to mechanical and laser routing. The software features:

  • Software controlled scoring at operations of up to 200 ft/min to an accuracy of +/-.001"
  • Management of real-time safety events
  • Full on-screen display of all machine functions and statuses
  • Designed for touch screen use.
  • Visual on-screen programming user interface.

XCENT has recently added automation to the equipment in the form of a SCARA robot. The new robot completely automates the on-load and placement of printed circuit board panels onto the scoring table as well as the rotation and offload operations. The introduction of bar coding allows the machine to change programs within a single load of panels. The prototypical machine has achieved trial throughput of up to 50 panels an hour without operator intervention.