Our auction software began back in 1997 and has certainly proven to be a robust and reliable e-Commerce solution. Our auction platform continues to provide a viable service for the creation of custom auction websites. From general purpose auction websites, to niche or industry focused commerce sites, our auction software is an ideal platform to build on. With auctions being an ideal application for demand based pricing of goods and services, an online auction allows you to build out one of the most efficient methods for facilitating an automated auction system.

Our auction software can be configured to be an open multiple seller to multiple buyer exchange. Or it can be restricted to a specific or limited set of buyers and/or sellers. It has a high degree of granular control that allows it to work in a wide range of settings. This is what has allowed it to find use in websites as diverse as farm equipment and animal husbandry, antiques and artifacts, real estate, automotive, and transportation industry to name just a few.

For more detailed information on our auction software, please see our product specific site: www.xcauction.com