Bill’s interest in technology began in 1981 with the introduction of home computers. He developed skills using the tools of the day which include Basic and Assembly.

In 1985 Bill headed off to Drexel to pursue a Computer Engineering degree with the thought that hardware design skills coupled with the strong software background he had already developed on his own would be extremely powerful. However in 1988 he found a reason to abandon the quest for a degree: companies were already willing to hire him to help with their software implementation problems.

After working a couple of years independently, Bill founded XCENT with Daryl Marietta in 1990 with the intention of bringing software and hardware services to clients in the expanding PC and networking market place.

Since its inception Bill has helped steer XCENT through the many evolutions in technology. Today Bill helps lead a talented team in the pursuit of excellence deploying solutions using the Microsoft Toolsets including .Net and SQL Server.

Bill has over 25 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering software solutions that focus on features which lend to extensibility, and scalability.

Bill has been involved in enterprise-wide architecture strategies, business process management, team leadership and mentoring.

Bill has extremely strong analytical and problem solving skills, expertise in System and Application Design and Development, Database Design and Tuning, and Project Management. He has experience in a wide range of vertical market places including Retail, Legal, Medical, Insurance, and Financial segments.

Bill holds a Microsoft Applications Developer certification.